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These are the top 10 countries with the largest military aircraft fleets in Africa

Egypt tops the bill in having a total of 1,122 units in its active aircraft inventory. The North African country has 333 fighter jets and 318 helicopters in its fleet.

Still on the Northern Parts of the continent, Algeria comes second in Africa with a beefier combat aircraft fleet, counting 541 units in the country’s active aircraft inventory.

Algeria has 125 fighter jets and 252 helicopters

Angola occupies the third position among African countries with significant military aircraft fleets.

The country has a total of 307 units of combat aircraft and ranks at number 55 in the world.

At number 4 in Africa flies Morocco with a total of 244 units in its active combat aircraft inventory, including 83 fighter jets, 61 helicopters and two tankers. This other North African country also has over 13,500 personnel.

From North we fly down to South Africa.

According to Global Firepower, South Africa has a total of 226 combat aircraft, while the statistics by the World Directory of Military Aircraft indicates that the country has 228 total units in its active aircraft inventory.

Ranking at Number 5 on the continent, South Africa’s fleet includes 17 fighter jets, 87 helicopters and 88 trainers.

Sudan takes position number 6 in Africa with a total of 191 units of combat aircraft, the Global Firepower claims that the country is ranked 75 out of 145 countries considered for the 2023 rating.

Now back to East Africa, where Kenya stands out among the other EAC member states in muscling up the country’s iron combat birds.

Kenya, taking position number 7 on the continent, currently counts 156 total units in its active aircraft inventory according to Global Firepower.

The data from the World Directory of Military Aircraft shows that the East African country has 17 fighter jets and 79 helicopters.

From East Africa it is back again north where Tunisia takes number 8 on the continent with a total of 152 units of combat aircraft. In the ranking by Global Firepower, Tunisia is rated above Romania, Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Malaysia.

And finally Nigeria shows up at Number 9 on the continent. According to Military Factory, the Nigerian Air Force manages a relatively impressive collection of modern aircraft – mainly of Western origin.

The World Directory of Military Aircraft puts Nigeria’s active aircraft at a total of 138 units with 21 fighter jets, 29 helicopters and a total of six ‘Close Air Support (CAS),’ for warfare actions.

Muammar Gaddafi could have been scary during his lifetime; however his country, Libya only manages to be closing the top ten listing of African Countries with more fighting birds in their military closets.

Libya in its military aircraft fleet has 127 units of combat planes. The Global Firepower rates the country at number 80 in the world out of 145 countries considered for the 2023 review.

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