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The ‘Ten Commandments’ of coffee production

Working to improve the quality of coffee now that the cash crop is making a rebound, the Tanzania Coffee Research Institute has just released a special booklet of ‘Ten Commandments,’ of reviving production.

TaCRI is also implementing a special program to introduce best agronomic practices to farmers and extension officers across the country.

Tanzania is among the world’s best coffee growing countries producing some of the internationally acclaimed varieties.

The Chief Executive Director, for the Coffee Research Institute, Dr Deusdedit Kilambo reveals that in addition to conducting thorough research on fresh seed varieties, TACRI implements a series of training programs targeting farmers and extension officers in all coffee growing zones.

“So far, we have managed to impact good agricultural practices (GAPs) skills to a number of coffee growers and extension workers in the country through village based trainings and agricultural shows,” he said.

The TaCRI official reveals that the Kilimanjaro-based Institute has also established over 200 demonstration plots in Arabica and Robusta growing areas to enable extended and localized Good Agricultural Practice training for growers and extension workers.

 Dr Kilambo explains further that his institute had also produced a booklet, titled ‘Coffee Training Modules for Training of Trainers, meant to assist them with technical skills for boosting coffee yield and improving their quality.

The booklet contains all the details related to GAPs, including integrated pest management (IPM) and integrated soil fertility management (ISFM) as well as the Ten Commandments to increase yield, quality, of coffee.

It is being anticipated that the modules will play a big role to bridge the coffee farming GAPs for increased coffee production, improve income and livelihoods of coffee growers in Tanzania.

As a state-owned institution, TaCRI is mandated with the task of rejuvenating the country’s coffee industry by emphasising on the role of stakeholder-led and client demand-driven research for development.

The Institute provides a crucial public service to stakeholders in the country’s coffee industry by providing coffee producers with relevant and practical technological innovations.

It also offers advice to improve productivity and quality but also enhance profitability and livelihoods for coffee producers and increased competitiveness of Tanzanian coffee on the world market.

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