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Isuzu Ignites Free Medical Checkups for School Bus Drivers in Kenya

Isuzu East Africa in partnership with AutoXpress is launching an annual health screening campaign for all school bus-drivers in Kenya in order to ensure children’s safety.

To be conducted for one month the nationwide exercise is also geared towards enhancing road safety.

The first ever initiative of this nature will from now henceforth be providing free medical wellness checkups to all bus drivers that take pupils and students to and from schools in the country.

It also means repeated tests of other common ailments including eye-sights to ensure that operators are fit to drive on the country roads.

The health tests also entail the verification of PSV Motorists who now must be free from any form of disease or infections before being allowed anywhere near children, let alone the vans that take them to schools.

Rita Kavashe, is the Managing Director for Isuzu East Africa.

“Transport and logistics sectors have the obligation of facilitating safe movement of goods and people,” she points out.

“Drivers are our customers too and we do recognize their role in supporting our economy. We are therefore launching the ‘Health Screening Program’ as a demonstration of our appreciation for their sacrifice commitment to their wellbeing, and safety of pupils and students.”

And sure enough most of the fabricated school buses in Kenya are built on Isuzu Chassisses.

This year’s maiden health screening campaign starts with around 5000 school bus drivers and their assistants all over the country.

So far several health camps have been set up in Mombasa, Kisii, Kisumu, Nakuru, Uasin Gishu and Nairobi counties to officially roll out the campaign.

The Managing Director for AutoXpress, Sandeep Shah, explains further that “Safety is a value that is reflected in all our operations. That is why this campaign is very important to us.”

“Regular health tests have proved to be life saving for majority of people,” he adds.

He is on view that check-up exercises certainly improve personal fitness and road safety, and, on that account, they are always obliged to keep the drivers and everyone around them safe.

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