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The Lion King who ruled over Serengeti Plains has been Killed

Snyggve, who was always regarded as the ‘Lion King,’ in the Serengeti National Park is dead.

In fact, reliable reports reveal that; the mighty wild cat and king of the jungle was actually killed in fierce territorial battle.

Snyggve was the most famous lion in the world-renowned Serengeti, a game park famous for its annual wildebeest migrations. The Lion King has been featured in a number of documentaries.

A dispatch which reached the Tanzania Times on early Sunday Morning of March 12, 2023, says the ‘Lion King,’ was killed during a territorial fight which pitted Snyggve against three, younger, but equally strong, male lions.

The news of the Serengeti lion’s death has sent shockwaves across the wildlife communities around the world. Snygge was probably the best-looking Lion in Eastern Africa.

Hail The Lion King

There are a number of tourists who would simply travel to Serengeti just to have a look at Snyggve.

Also famously known as Bob Junior among local tour guides and safari vehicle drivers, Snyggve has been the long term ruler of the Namiri Plains of Serengeti.

He was the king of this part of the endless plains, ruling alongside his brother and coalition partner, Tryggve the Lion. Young visitors who watched the Lion King movie prefer to call him ‘Simba!’ like the chief character in the animated film.

Tryggve who has been serving as Chief Minister in the Namiri Plains and who was also being predicted to take over Snyggve Kingdom, apparently was also killed in the scuffle.

Regarded as Lion watchers’ paradise, the Namiri Plains are located within the Soit Le Motonyi precinct in the Eastern parts of the Serengeti.

It takes about 90 minutes’ drive from Seronera airstrip for one to reach the Soit Le Motonyi area.

Both Snyggve and Tryggve were sons of the legendary male C-Boy. They have been ruling this part of the Serengeti plains for around seven years now.

The Lion King who died at a rather advanced age of 12 years ends his legacy with honour.

Zoological experts explain that because this unique male lion died on the battlefield that is essentially an honourable death among lions.

Snyggve was born in 2010 and has quite a history.

His father was an equally famous lion called Bob who due to his dreadlock encrusted black mane, was named after Bob Marley. 

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