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Shipping Agency Denies to illegally Jettisoning 400 workers from employment

The Management of the Tanzania Shipping Agency Corporation is refuting claims that the Agency has sacked more than 400 young people from its docks.

Speaking in Dodoma, the TASAC Director General, Kaimu Mkeyenge was responding to reports that the state shipping agency is illegally revoking contracts of more than 400 youths undergoing job attachments at their department of cargo verification.

Mkenyenge insists that the state shipping agency did not illegally chuck out the 400 youth who have been undertaking internship at TASAC as being insinuated.

The reports, which the agency further refutes, also alleged that the shipping entity had bribed the Commission for Mediation and Arbitration, in order to prevent the CMA from stepping into the matter, following the sacked youth’s complaints.

The reports also claimed that during their entire tenure, the young workers were never provided with treatment or medical cover (health insurance).

However Mkeyenge admitted to have revoked the internship period of at least 209 youth who were attached at the state-owned corporation for practical studies.

He defended the move by saying the decision was taken to comply with recent amendments in some of the Laws as set by the government.

He explained that some of the amendments shifted most of TASAC responsibilities to the private sector, especially those based in the department of cargo verification.

Among the 209 youth who had their contracts canceled, only 41 people were not satisfied with the decisions, and 32 dispatched their complaints at CMA, but their case was canceled because it was belatedly submitted.

“As of now, cases against TASAC from only nine youths have been received and are being worked out by the commission,” he briefed.

Mkeyenge believes that the remaining 168 former attaches did not oppose TASAC’s decision to terminate their contracts in compliance with changes in laws and regulations beyond the Agency’s control.

As for lack of medical cover, the TASAC official pointed out that in accordance with law, temporary workers on practical attachments are never given health insurance at any institution or company.

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