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Bus Crash in Songwe: Four Killed 36 Seriously Injured

Latest from the horrid accident involving a bus belonging to Kilimanjaro Express which crashed and split into two in Songwe, is that four passengers were killed, while 36 others have been seriously injured.

The bus reportedly rolled downhill at a section known as Senjele ya Pili, in Songwe Region within the southern highlands.

The road mishap occurred in the early morning of Monday, March 14. Some people complained that the vehicle was an old bus, which should have been retired.

Others blamed its two axle drivetrain which according to experts should not be dispatched on long routes, where triaxle and more stable buses usually ply.

The Scania Bus with plate numbers T 278 ALQ was traveling from Tunduma Region, the border between Tanzania and Zambia, heading to Dar-es-salaam City. Early reports say there are deaths and injuries from the crash, but victims or their numbers were yet to be identified.

Possibly the worst accident to occur in the area this year yet

The bus after the crash was split into two, with the entire roof flying off, leaving the lower portion of the vehicle in another part of the valley. It is being explained as the scariest accident involving passenger any bus to ever occur on the route this year.

The Acting Regional Police Commander for Songwe, Rashid A. Ngonyani has confirmed the accident, saying the injured victims are admitted at Vvawa hospital in the region.

Until this time various some injured persons are being rushed to the nearest medical facilities. The number of dead passengers is yet to be officially established.

Bus before the accident. Some experts wonder why a two-axle bus should be dispatched on long routes.

The management of Kilimanjaro Express Bus Company is yet to issue statement on the issue.

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