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Tanzania Police Force Falls From Grace

The Police in Tanzania is under fire!

The Force, apparently leaves a lot to be desired and already there are calls from members of the public who want the unit disbanded due to myriad cases of misconduct.

In reaction to that, the Central Committee of the ruling party, the Chama Cha Mapinduzi has directed the government to review the performance of the Tanzania Police and take the necessary action against the force.

The CCM Secretary in charge of party propagation and policies, Shaka Hamdu Shaka stated in Dar-es-salaam that the Chama Cha Mapinduzi was concerned on the performance of the force which was meant to protect citizens and their property but has been enacting its duties on the contrary.

“Tanzanians have lost trust in the Police Force,” said Shaka, adding that the party, the government and other organs keep receiving complaints against the police from members of the public, across the nation.

In recent days, the police in Tanzania was being accused of colluding with criminals and working outside the fixed General Police Order (GPO).

Also, there have been a number of real cases and reports concerning suspects dying in the hands of the police, during interrogations, fabricated charges imposed on innocent people and unexplained deaths of in-mates in their custodies.

Too much traffic police on roads

Bribes, especially among traffic officers on highways or at the police posts and stations are also among the pet peeves irking the nation.

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