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Tanzania grounds its four highly prized Airbus Planes over engine concerns

If years were ships, then 2022 would have been the titanic for the aviation industry in Tanzania.

From the recent mishap in which the Precision Airplane drops into the lake…

…to the current situation where the national carrier, Air-Tanzania, is being forced to ground its four highly celebrated aircrafts due to faults in their motors.

As you read this, the National Carrier, Air Tanzania Company Limited is grounding its four Airbus planes due to engine concerns.

The Airbuses as well as the carrier’s Boeing Dreamliner, have been the most celebrated purchase in Tanzania.

And they didn’t come cheap. Equipment pamper the national pride can get a bit expensive.

Air Tanzania was the first carrier on the continent to buy the Airbus A-220-300 aircrafts under the former President, the late John Pombe Magufuli in 2018.

Following the move, the equally troubled National Carrier, Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) is now cutting down some routes as well as reducing the frequency of some flights.

Who owns Air Tanzania Planes?

The ATCL was however leasing the said aircrafts from the Tanzania Government Flight Agency under which all the country’s airplanes were placed.

But with or without the airbuses the Air Tanzania has been notorious for delayed flights and frequent cancellations.

Meanwhile the National Assembly in Dodoma has ordered the Government to transfer ownership of planes from the Tanzania Government Flight Agency (TGFA) to Air Tanzania in a bid to cut leasing costs and stem losses.

Passengers using Air Tanzania have been complaining against high ticket prices and delays.

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