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Stabbing in the City: Knife attacks bleeds Nairobi

Cases of people being stabbed are cropping up at an alarming rate in Nairobi, the Capital City of Kenya.

Latest reports from some of the workers at the Kenyatta National Hospital indicate that the country referral medical facility is compelled to handle an average of five victims of street stabbing on a daily basis.

“If you have family or close friends coming to Nairobi or residing here, please advise them appropriately. These past two weeks have not been easy at work,” says Lilian Munyua of KNH.

“We are receiving an average of 4 – 7 cases of stabbing daily from muggings around the city,” she adds.

“I have helplessly watched young and old, men and women, breath their last while trying to save them. Some are in ICU while others have survived but with lifelong injuries.”

Which means the attacks are so lethal that few survive the stabbing incidences.

The attacks hotspots

For people walking in the city need to be careful when approaching areas described to be ‘red zones.’

Most of the knife attacks are being reported from the following precints…

  • Drive-In Flyover up to KCA
  • KCA Underpass and Total Exit
  • Globe Roundabout and Kipande Road
  • ABC Place and Kangemi along Waiyaki Way.
  • Naivas AllSops along Thika Super Highway
  • The CBD (Archives), River Road and Fig Tree area.
  • KBC Offices. To mention a few.

Other reports say the killer thugs started slowly but are now robbing people in broad daylight.


Even worse, Nairobi is the place where people hardly care if others are being robbed as they watch.

Should their targets try to resist the thugs usually stick a knife or any sharp object into them without a second thought.

So far city residents are being cautioned against solitary walks in parts of the city or staying out late for no good reason.

A person will be more susceptible to attacks should they be carrying a laptop in a backpack, a tantalizing smartphone or just any attractive bag and purse.

People carrying such items eventually lose them to save their lives, or lose both.

You’re on your own, save your loved ones especially now that the December holidays are approaching and the thugs are becoming bolder by the day. Before the government comes to save you, save yourself. 

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