Tanzania Breweries Limited Won’t fight Emerging Brewers but support them

The Tanzania Breweries Limited ranks among the top beer producers in the world as far as quality drinks are concerned and now the establishment wants to support upcoming brewers as well.

“You see, Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer!”

“For many years TBL has been supporting and empowering local farmers in Tanzania and now we want to lend the same helping hand to new brewers,” reveal the Tanzania Breweries officials in Arusha.

But instead of applying a hostile approach towards up-coming competitors, the Tanzania Breweries Limited seems to be taking a different route, supporting new and emerging local brewers.

TBL wants more than one for the road

“Tanzania Breweries Limited is so established and confident in its operations such that the company is now acting as a ladder to assist and bring up new and upcoming breweries in the country,” explains the TBL Arusha Plant Manager, Joseph Mwaikasu.

Mwaikasu was speaking in Arusha during the occasion in which the Tanzania Breweries Limited had invited Twiga Brewery to tour and learn from the TBL plant located in the industrial corridor area of the city.

 “These engagements with the representatives of Twiga Brewery play an important role in our part as it displays TBL responsibility as one of the country’s oldest brewing companies and one of Tanzania’s most valuable brands, in supporting the industry and productivity in the country!”

Jose Daniel Moran Ramirez – Managing Director of Tanzania Breweries Limited

On the other hand, the Twiga Brewery, established in 2015 is the country’s first Craft Brewery, operating independently and traditionally but still adhering to innovation.

Located at the Aim Mall Premises in Majengo, Twiga Brewery freshly churns beer on the site, directly from the brewery onto their customers’ tables or glasses.

The Craft Brewery may be a new concept in Tanzania, but already Twiga boats award-winning premium beverages for domestic and international markets.

Saphira Von Moos the Chief Operating Officer from Twiga Breweries says they decided to visit Tanzania Breweries Plant in Arusha specifically to learn more tricks of the trade from the giant.

“TBL is not only the biggest company in Tanzania, but also has the longest history and experience in East Africa’s brewery industry,” added Moos.

“The best beer in the world is the one in your hand.”

During the visit, they were taken around the TBL factory, saw the production lines processes, tasted beer brands learned from presentations and exchanged experiences.

The Twiga Brewery team was more impressed by the way TBL works from grassroots with local farmers in Tanzania and supporting these growers.

Learning new tricks from the old Brewer

Through its Smart Agriculture Initiatives, TBL complements the country’s active agriculture value chain by directly empowering growers producing its factories’ main agricultural inputs such as sorghum, barley, and grapes.

The Smart Agriculture Initiative, TBL targets to achieve 100 percent skilled, connected, and financially empowered farmers by 2025.

Tanzania Breweries Limited has been raking in many awards in Tanzania.

TBL garnered accolades including the Employer of the Year Award for two consecutive years 2015 and 2016.

Being the largest Taxpayer in the country, TBL is also the winner of Manufacturer of the year award for three years in a row, that is 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The Company’s most popular beer brands are Safari Lager, Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, Castle Lite, Castle Lager and Castle Milk Stout.

Others comprise Balimi Extra Lager, Eagle Lager, Eagle Dark, Grand Malt and Safari Sparkling Water.

Separate brands that are associated with Tanzania Breweries Limited include East Africa’s most popular spirit, the Konyagi Gin, as well as the Zanzi Cream Liqueur.

Listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange, TBL employs more than 1,500 people working at the company’s four brewery plants and over 10 distribution depots.

Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL Plc) is the flagship entity with national subsidiaries like Tanzania Distilleries Limited and Darbrew Limited.

TBL is part of the AB InBev of Belgium, which happens to be the largest brewer in the world with presence in over 50 markets and operating in more than 15 African countries. 

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