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White Game of Wildlife: Ivory Colored Giraffe Towers in Ngorongoro

A Maasai Giraffe featuring creamy white skin is roaming in the Ndutu Landscape, striding Northern Ngorongoro and Southern Serengeti.

The Snow-White tall Giraffe dwarfing seven other wildlife species beneath, has been spotted by a lucky tour guide.

Commenting on the one and only photo available so far, many observers think it could be a case of albinism.

The picture was taken by a driver-guide near Lake Masek, in the Ndutu area.

In the close-up frame, the upper part of the white giraffe can be seen amidst thorny bushes while a gazelle (antelope?) grazes nearby.

But when it was being taken, the pale giraffe was feed on thorny acacia bushes as more than seven other species such as gnus, zebras, antelopes grazed around.

Its towering height and creamy outlook made the giraffe stand out like a snow-capped mountain peak.

Apparently, 2022 has been the year of white species of wildlife.

Tarangire National Park tops the bill in producing three white buffaloes and a white hyena all appearing in the month of May 2022.

Another white buffalo was later seen inside the Ngorongoro Crater within the same period.

Making headlines was Ndasiata billed to be ‘The World’s First White Zebra,’ that was seen in Serengeti in February 2022 and reported by the Tanzania Times

Later, again in May 2022, a blonde, or gold-colored Zebra miraculously also appeared within the wildlife rich Ndutu landscape within the same period.

That’s White

As it happens, the Ndutu white Giraffe is the third to be reported in the country.

The first was seen in Katavi National Park in Southern West of Tanzania, between 2010 and 2011.

‘Omo’ would be the second white Giraffe to be seen in the country, this time in Tarangire National Park, Northern Tanzania, in 2016.

Omo (Left), the white giraffe of Tarangire circa 2016

Tarangire would later feature a white baboon, a white hyena and three white buffaloes.

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