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Tanzania Among Leading Rice Producing Countries. Ranks at Number 5 in Africa

Tanzania ranks fifth among the leading Paddy Rice Producing countries in Africa.

According to the latest Index Mundi data, Tanzania harvests 3.1 million tons of rice per annum.

With such volume of rice production, Tanzania ranks 5th in Africa and is slotted on the 24th Position among the world’s leading rice producing countries globally.

Still, according to observers, the quality and taste of rice matters most than quantity and Tanzania is said to have the tastiest rice in the world.

River Kilombero is main source of irrigation water for rice farms in central Tanzania

But when it comes to quantity Nigeria in the country which tops the bill on the continent being Africa’s top rice producer with 7 million tons of harvests. Nigeria also ranks at number 14 globally.

Egypt, which harvests 4.8 million tons of rice, is second in Africa and ranks 17th globally.

On the third position comes Madagascar with annual harvests of 3.9 million tons. The country is at number 18 globally.

Mali is number 4 in Africa, with a rice production volume of 3.2 million tons and it ranks 23rd globally.

After Mali comes Tanzania and behind Dar, follows Guinea in the 6th Position on the continent. Guinea which packs 2.3 million tons of rice, takes the 26th position in the world.

At number 7 in Africa is Ivory coast which produces 2.2 million tons of rice, ranking at number 27 in the world.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) harvests 1 million tons of rice, becoming the only other country in Eastern Africa after Tanzania to rank higher on the continent, taking the 36th position globally.

Sierra Leone with a production of 918,163 tons of rice annually ranks eighth on the continent and 39th globally, despite harvesting less than a million tons.

On the same line follows Ghana, closing in at Number Ten, on the continent, with annual production of 792,303 tons of rice, bus still manages to be in the world’s 42nd Position, according to the Index Mundi 2021 ranking.

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