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DR Congo Overtakes Zambia In Transiting Cargo through Dar-Es-Salaam Port

Which landlocked countries mostly rely on Dar-es-salaam Port?

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the leading client of the Dar-es-salaam Port.

DR Congo’s annual transit cargo passing through the Tanzanian harbor is 2.3 Million tons.

Zambia comes second with cargo tipping the scale at 1.5 Million tons, passing through Dar-es-salaam.

Trend of Zambia transit cargo through Dar-es-salaam Port however plummeted from 2.02 Million tons recorded in the year 2017 down to 1.5 Million tons as per the 2021 records.

In 2017, when Zambia Cargo weighed 2.02 million tons at Dar-es-salaam Port, the transit goods for DR Congo through Tanzania tipped the scale at just 1.1 million tons.

The volume of Zambian goods was at the lowest in 2020 when only 1.15 Million tons of cargo passed through Tanzania, this could be attributed to the global pandemic.

Zambia President, Hakainde Hichilema, with his Tanzanian Counterpart, Samia Suluhu Hassan during the former’s visit to Dar-es-salaam

In the Previous year, 2019 the volume of Zambia transit cargo stood at 1.76 million, slightly higher than 2018 where again the total volume of cargo was 1.5 million tons in total.

Rwanda is the third biggest client of Dar-es-salaam Port with cargo volume of 1.3 Million tons, annually.

Other top users of the Port of Dar-es-salaam in terms of cargo tonnage, include Rwanda with 500,000 tons of goods and Malawi, with transit cargo weighing 470,000 tons.

Uganda which transports 130,000 tons of goods via the Tanzanian harbor was intending to establish an inland dry harbor tethered to Dar Port, it is still not known if the plans are still valid.

However, Uganda mostly depends on the Port of Mombasa in Kenya, through which the country transits 80 percent of its cargo.

Meanwhile the total cargo traffic at Dar-es-salaam Port escalates to reach 17 million tons in 2021.

That is the highest record yet compared to the total volume of 15.8 million tons inked in 2020 and 16 million tons reported in 2019 as well as the 15 million tons that were handled at the harbor in 2018.

The year 2017 saw 13.7 million tons of cargo passing though Dar port, which is managed by Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA).

While Dar-es-salaam handled 17 million tons of cargo in 2021, the Mombasa Port of Kenya received more than double the volume at 34.4 million tons of goods.

The Durban Port of South Africa is still the leading harbor in Africa with a total volume of 79.2 Million tons as of 2021.

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