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Spanish Prime Minister Visit another Boost to Kenyan traders

Spanish Prime minister Pedro Sanches accompanied with his first lady is visiting Kenya.

During his itinerary the Premier has joined the Kenya industrial Research and development institute (KIRDI) that were showcasing some of the Small medium enterprises being bankrolled by the Spanish government.

The delegation from Spain was cordially received by the Kenyan Head of State, President William Ruto.

The Spanish Government has for quite some time now, been assisting local traders in Kenya to crack international markets.

Njoki Muriuki is one of the local entrepreneurs benefiting from ths support from Spain.

She owns and runs the Kijo’s Garden a food production brand. The entity supplies quality products to both local and international market.

“The Spanish government have for a very long time offer forums to training and expand exports zone to the European market also brought together like-minded stakeholders who in turn become partners to our businesses.” Njoki CEO Kijo’s Garden.

As it happens, Kijos Garden is an entity which was hatched out of the desire for the owners to share their love of cooking using passed-down family recipes.

Kijo’s Chili Pastes and Potato Crisps have been receiving great reviews both in Kenya and across the borders.

The outfit recently secured product certification from the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), facilitated by Kenya Industrial Research Development Institute. 

The Spanish Premier’s State visit, on the other hand, comes in due time after the just concluded elections where Kenyans are waiting for the Kenya Kwanza government fulling their Manifesto and promises.

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