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Small Plane Crash-Lands onto National Park after Departing from Nairobi

An aircraft has crash landed inside the Nairobi National Park in Kenya, shortly after taking off from the nearby Wilson Airport.

Reports reveal that the airplane had two people onboard, including its pilot and a trainee.

Though clearly shocked, the two occupants were rescued in time. They both escaped from the shell without injuries.

In fact, as soon as they airlifted from the scene of the accident and taken back to Wilson Airport, they were able to walk on their own.

Plane accidents in East Africa’s National Parks and Game Reserves are not common.

The Nairobi National Park is located within the Kenyan Capital City.

Some of the recent crashes include the one in Ngorongoro Conservation of Tanzania in 2017, Serengeti 2019 and Nairobi National Park 2022.

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