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Tanzania, Rwanda on Red Alert After New Ebola Outbreaks in Uganda, DR Congo


Tanzania is taking precautions against possible infections just as Uganda reports a new outbreak of Ebola.

Rwanda is following suit especially after, yet another Ebola outbreak seems to be wreaking havoc in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which also borders the country.

Authorities in Kampala confirm the death of a patient who was being monitored as a suspected Ebola case following the fresh cases of the disease. bringing to two the number of deaths from the virus.

Dr Godwin Mollel, the Deputy Minister of Health in Tanzania says Dar-es-salaam is already taking necessary preventive measures.

Ebola-Sudan Strain

According to Dr Mollel, the current cases of Ebola in the neighboring country is caused by the Ebola-Sudan Strain.

Ebola wreaks havoc in DRC and Uganda

Meanwhile the spokesperson in the Ugandan Ministry of Health, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, says the victim who succumbed to Ebola is a child, though they were still awaiting further laboratory tests.

“At the moment we are still suspecting that the child died from Ebola.”

As it happens the Ugandan child was part of a group of fourteen people admitted to a hospital in Mubende with Ebola-like symptoms.

The director of the Mubende Regional Hospital, Rosemary Byabashaija, admits that the patients suspected to suffer from Ebola are still in the facility.

Authorities in Rwanda, on the other hand have also raised alarm in response to the reported Ebola outbreaks in Uganda.

The director general of the Rwanda Biomedical Center, Claude Mambo Muvunyi, says they were closely monitoring the situation in Uganda.

Rwanda is also taking measures against possible infection from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where another Ebola case was also reported in North Kivu Province.

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