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Samia Suluhu 60 Minutes’ Royal Tour Warms up for Global Premier in April

“Prepare yourself, for an epic adventure…!”

Peter Greenberg, the Producer of travel documentary, Royal Tour, has just teased another trailer from the forthcoming film about Tanzania, featuring President Samia Suluhu Hassan playing guide as she takes viewers on the country tour.

Greenberg calls the three minutes preview as SNEEK PEEK as can be attested by the girl from Zanzibar below, who also features in the documentary and has been popular with her mischevious glee.

Sneek Peek behind metal rods in the Isles

The journey of adventure starts on Zanzibar Islands, onto the mainland Coast, then to peak of Africa’s highest mountain, delves deep into the scary Tanzanite Mines in Mirerani, before moving into Ngorongoro Conservation Area then connecting with Serengeti National Park.

Going on Safari!

President Samia is seen engaging gears of the mamoth Green Four-Wheel- Drive, Toyota Landcruiser, Series 70 troop carrier made even bigger and heavier with an elongated shell due to vehicle body conversion.

The dancing Maasai and their circular huts in the background of Ngorongoro are spellbinding and so is the adjacent Olduvai Gorge, where esentially and scientifically it has been proven to be where all humans originated from.

But the ultimate highlight should be in Serengeti, where after embaking onto a helium powered hot air balloons, you virtually get to float slight above reach of ferocious cats like Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs, as well as buffalloes and thousands of wilderbeests rushing below in-sysnc with viewers adrenalines.

“Hallo Serengeti! Calling from above”

From high mountains to grand canyons, lush forests, raging waterfalls, trumpeting elephants and gleaming spears brandished by the Maasai, the Royal Tour should be the best treat after John Wayne’s 1962 Hatari, also filmed in Tanzania.

The story covers exciting features, scary episodes, sad history, spellbinding sceneries and not to forget that when dusk settles you are going to sleep ‘Under the Ocean!’

The under water experience should be a reminder of James Cameron’s ‘Ghosts of the Abyss‘ the 2003 film documentary. Right? Well, sort of, but this time is done in a more luxurious style. Still scary though.

As far as the producer is concerned, the ‘Royal Tour Tanzania,’ will not only be aired globally, but local Television Outlets also have the rights to show the 60 minutes’ long travel documentary about the country, its people, its attraction and geographical features.

Church Bell Tower in the Isles of Cloves

Officially, the ‘Royal Tour Tanzania’ is expected to premier globally on the 21st of April 2022.

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