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Rogues in Meatu are driving elephants into villages, setting up the jumbos to attack People.

The number of elephants within the Makao Wildlife Management Area in Meatu District is reported to be on the increase.

In fact, even the Meatu District Wildlife Officer, Deusdedit Martin, admits that the rising population of Jumbos in the locality has also been a source of conflicts pitting humans against wildlife.

The Meatu residents have been complaining that elephants are invading their farms and homesteads creating chaos and unrest, sometimes attacking and killing people.

However, the District Wildlife officer, Mr Martin explained that it has been discovered that, some hooligans are purposely fueling the human-wildlife conflicts weather for childish fun, or simply to cause trouble.

“There are some ill-meaning hoodlums who follow the elephants wherever they happen to be and drive the animals towards residential areas where the jumbos then start attacking people,” he revealed.

discovered to be purposely driving the jumbos towards residential areas for reasons best known to themselves or simply just to cause problems.

“We have launched special programs to train local residents on how to handle the situation without causing harm to the elephants and themselves,” said the Wildlife Officer.

He pointed out that there are proper ways of preventing elephants and other animals from venturing near their homes or farms.

Wildlife in the Makao WMA (File Photo)

According to the Wildlife officer, some villagers have been applying crude methods in their attempt to chase out invading jumbos and these have been causing more harm than good, including making the animals turn savage.

Meanwhile proper land surveying exercise will be conducted in the ten villages surrounding the Makao Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Meatu District of Bariadi Region.

The aim of the proposed exercise is to come up with a new land use plan, and adopt General Management Plan (GMP) so as to alleviate clashes pitting conservation activities that are conflicting against other human undertakings.

The Makao Wildlife Management Area was formed from an area pooled by the ten surrounding villages and is mapped within the wilderness plains bordering the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Maswa Game Reserve.

The Makao WMA Secretary, Jeremiah Bishon revealed that the initial arrangements towards the proposed land survey and new General Management Plan (GMP) have started.

Bishon explained that through the exercise, land will be amicably divided and demarcated to set aside special areas to be dedicated for wildlife and other conservation activities.

The new General Management Plan will also earmark precincts that will now remain under the local communities’ control as well as other human activities such as livestock grazing, farming, residence and commerce.

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