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Over 30 ranch operators in Tanzania to lose licenses

More than 31 ranchers who have failed to operate per required land leasing and animal keeping regulations will soon be losing the property ownership.

The National Ranching Company (NARCO) is finalizing legal procedures to annul licenses of a number of local investors that have so far failed to perform as per the set regulations and standards.

More than 31 local investors who had entered into contracts to lease various ranching blocks from the National Ranching Company for envisaged livestock production have apparently not been able to develop the properties as required.

As it happens, there are ranches staying idle, others being misused and those that suffer encroachment of other human activities not stipulated in the contracts.

The Director General of NARCO Prof Peter Msoffe reveals here that the state-owned ranching entity is not about to tolerate underperforming investors hoarding large chunks of land only to render them idle.

Professor Msoffe explained that the National Ranching Company has already filed the concern to the Attorney General Office.

 “As per procedure, we are compelled to first consult with the office of the Attorney General before terminating the contracts,” he pointed out.

Already the Attorney General has issued them with the directives on how to go about the issue.

The list of all investors who have primarily failed to put the ranches into productivity will soon be released in sync with the move to revoke their blocks ownerships.

Trespassers encroaching idle ranches and invasion of other illegal human activities have been described to threaten the properties’ productivity and future existence.

NARCO is thus also working to re-survey all ranches and earmarking their boundaries and where possible fence and plant beacons to ensure that the properties remain protected from invaders.

“And we’re seriously continuing with the crucial exercise to earmarked and place permanent boundaries to all of our ranch blocks so as to ensure for sustainable security and the animal’s welfare,” he added.

Some of the National Ranches being threatened with alien invasion and encroachment include the Mkata ranch of Morogoro as well as the properties found in Kagera Region such as Mabale, Kikulula, Misenyi, Kitengule, Kagome and Mwisa II.

Under the new Board of Directors Chairperson Engineer Cyprian Luhemeja, NARCO is undergoing transformation to start operating as a fully-fledged business oriented, profit-making parastatal for improved service.

NARCO will also upgrade its menagerie with improved breeds of livestock from both within and outside the country so as to help boost the animal husbandry sector in the country.

The National Ranching Company Limited (NARCO) is a parastatal organization under the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries responsible for large scale commercial ranching in the country.

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