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Kongwa VIP Beef: Where Meat Meets the Dignitaries in Dodoma

Feel like tucking into a big stake or juicy ribs while in Dodoma?

Well, the National Ranching Company has opened up a special butchery and processed meat outlet to market quality meat of VIP standards, fresh from its farms.

And sure enough, it is also known as ‘NARCO Kongwa Beef VIP Shop!’

The facility is among concerted efforts by the state-owned cooperation to increase its revenue while also becoming a prototype in quality meat handling in Tanzania’s Capital City.

Prof Peter Msoffe is the Director General of the National Ranching Company (NARCO).

He says the facility which has been installed at the heart of the capital city has the capacity to handle five tons of meat in a day.

“The meat we sell at the shop has been carefully and professionally prepared by the experts on stringent standards to ensure safety, freshness and cleanliness,” Prof Msoffe maintains.

“The facility is fully installed with a special chiller room where the freshly slaughtered meat gets stored for at least 24 hours before being processed to the required standards before being issued out to consumers,” the NARCO official stated.

The referral pricing for a kilogram of meat at the VIP outlet is 8000/-.

Other retailers can also procure meat from the establishment at wholesale prices so that they may trade it in their shops as well.

“Now that it is becoming home to dignitaries, top government officials, heads of institutions, diplomats and hundreds of other people migrating to the new City, Dodoma now needs and actually deserves special meat services,” he insisted.

Apart from the shop located in the city center, Prof Msoffe says NARCO will establish more outlets in the suburbs of Dodoma including the Satellite Mtumba Government City and at the University of Dodoma (UDOM).

The Company also plans to deploy special mobile butchery shops, expected to outfit in vans, motorcycles or mobile trolleys.

The mobile meat suppliers are supposed to deliver door-to-door services throughout the accessible parts of the city.

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