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Loliondo-Serengeti Marathon: World Tourism Day Racing Alongside Wildlife

For the first time in the country’s athletics history, a marathon event runs for two days, with a volcano scenery thrown in for maximum effect.

This year’s instalment of the Loliondo- Serengeti Marathon which races in September is set to run for two consecutive days towards the World Tourism Day 2022.

Over 1000 athletes from all over Tanzania, neighboring countries and abroad have confirmed participation.

It will be a rare opportunity for participants to race alongside wild animals in Africa’s most popular tourism destinations.

Race coordinator Paul Dudui reveals here that the Marathon starts on September 26 and culminates the following day, September 27, in sync with the United Nations’ World Tourism Day 2022.

“On the first day, Monday September 26, the Loliondo-Serengeti Marathon will feature two events, the 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers races serving as curtain raising or warm-up ,” said Dudui.

During the World Tourism Day, September 27, the two major racing events, including the main full marathon of 42 kilometers and the half Marathon of 21 kilometers will be held.

Loliondo-Serengeti is Tanzania’s only full Marathon race so far, other athletics events across the nation seem stuck in the usual 21 kilometres’ half Marathon category.

The annual event running under the theme of ‘Kimbia Tuhifadhi Pamoja,’ is being organized by the residents of Ngorongoro in association with the District Athletics Association.

Essentially, Loliondo Serengeti Marathon targets to promote conservation of natural resources and tourism in the Northern Zone.

Now on September 26, the 5 and 10 Kilometers races from sections of the Serengeti National Park and end within the Paloleti Game Reserve area.

Participants in the Previous Loliondo-Serengeti Marathon

The 21 kilometers and the main 42 kilometers Marathons both coming up on September 27, races in Loliondo and Wasso, then down to Lake Natron’s Ramsar Site and at the foot of the Oldonyo L’engai Mountain.

As they race, runners meander alongside the borders of Serengeti National Park, Paloleti Game Reserve and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Which means apart from wildlife, the Loliondo-Serengeti marathon takes runners close to East Africa’s only active Volcano of Oldonyo Lengai.

Registration windows are open in Loliondo and Wasso townships as well as at the Arusha Regional Athletics Association office in the City for those wanting to get a piece of the show.

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