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Over 500 Victims of the Deadly Mount Hanang Avalanche Reunited with their families

At least 500 members of households have been reunited with their families this January 2024 following the confusion which reigned after the colossive Mount Hanang landslides that claimed hundreds of lives last December 2023.

On the other hand, more than 3000 surviving victims of the Mount Hanang Landslides have received physical and mental health service support with local social welfare officials still working to reach out to the other 6000 needy persons.

The Social Welfare and Medical officers from all over the country have been setting up camp in Katesh Township of Hanang to attend to the District residents who were injured and suffered massive losses during the massive landslide which buried a number of households in the precinct in December 2023.

Speaking on behalf of others, one of the Social Welfare Officers, Tomic Simbeye who hails from the Mbulu District of Manyara explained that during the first week they provided first aid to survivors and other people who sustained injuries during the horrid avalanche.

“From the second week we started providing Intensive Mental Health Psychotherapy Support among the people who suffered most from the trauma experienced during the natural disaster.

The services were provided in association with mental health experts from the top medical facilities in Dodoma, Kilimanjaro and Dar-es-salaam.

“At the moment, starting in January 2024 all the way to the next three months, we shall specifically be dealing with children, especially pupils and students that are supposed to be reporting to their respective schools for yet another academic year,” explained the Mbulu Social Welfare Officer.

“We are ensuring that all the basic needs and facilities that they may require as they get back to school are provided,” said the team leader.

The SWO Simbeye said they have been providing and supervising the distribution of other essential basic services including food, medicinal drugs, clothes and shelter to affected villagers.

The Social Welfare Officers will be spending the first four months of the year 2024 to ensure that each and every avalanche victim is reached and attended to.

They will also be working to establish new homes for children who lost parents, relatives and guardians during the December 2023 landslide in Hanang as many have been rendered orphans.

More than 100 victims were reported dead, thousands others injured with a number of other people believed to be still missing even now a month after the night avalanche.

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