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Explosion Rocks Tabora as Herder Boys Strike Gadget from forest

A metallic gadget suspected to have been an explosive material, possibly a stick hand grenade, has exploded in Tabora, injuring two.

The explosion has left two children badly injured and currently admitted in hospital, both being in critical conditions.

The victims include a teenager, Kikombe Samun, aged 17 and younger child, Said Dulu who is 10 years old.

According to early police reports, the incident occurred at Igosha Village within the Kabila Ward of Tabora Municipality, in Tabora Region.

It is being reported that the suspicious object exploded after being hacked several times by a machete.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Richard Abwao states that the two boys were grazing their family livestock in the Igombe Forest Reserve when they came across the strange metallic apparatus.

Apparently the two children picked up the object and took it with them to their home.

ACP Abwao who is Regional Police Commander for Tabora, says the curious youths decided to take the thing apart by striking it repeatedly using a thick wild knife.

It then exploded and badly injured them. Salum is admitted at Kitete referral hospital while Dulu is receiving treatments at Umanda Dispensary.

The Police Chief concluded that whatever the two boys were hacking, could have been a stick hand grenade.

A stick hand grenade, also known as “shaft hand grenade,” refers to prominent series of German stick grenade designs.

The weapons were mostly deployed during World War I and World War II periods.

The explosives can be distinguished by their long wooden handles, pull cord arming and cylindrical warheads. 

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