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Enduro Motorcycle Challenge Returns

More than 70 riders get to compete in the latest installment of the motor biking challenge, taking place in the Monduli Juu section of Monduli District in Arusha, on Sunday October 16.

Dubbed as the ‘Ace of Diamonds Enduro Challenge,’ this time the event races in honor of Tanzania’s founding President.

Tanzania remembers the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere with a special holiday on October 14 of each year.

The Secretary General of Arusha Motorbike Sporting Club, Adam Gunda, says the participants for the 6 round of Enduro Motorbike Challenge hail from Tanga, Arusha, Manyara, Singida and Dar-es-salaam.

“We chose Sunday because it is the weekend and more convenient to almost all participants,” he said.

The type of machines lined up for the racing in the challenge include the beginner bikes of 250cc, as well as the larger 450cc and the ordinary Chinese motorcycles, known here as Boda-Boda.

The racing takes place in the same terrains preferred by other motor rally events, in the landscapes of Emairete Village in the Monduli Juu Ward.

Motorbike racing is gaining traction in Arusha because many youths in the precinct now own and operate motorcycles currently serving as two-wheeled taxis for rapid transportation within the city and its suburbs.

Last year’s winners in the Experts Category were Caleb Simonson who led the pack, Yannick Allard who was the runner-up and Cavin Schimid.

In the Intermediate Category the winner was Colin Simonson, while the second rider was Gustavo Benard, while Johnson Ayo finished third in the race.

There was the third category for Boda-Boda riders whose winning entry last year came in the person of Diamond Mohammed. The second winner was Olasiti Elisante and the third rider was James Ayo.

Cosmas Joseph is the General Manager of Double Diamond Holdings Limited the company behind ‘Ace of Diamonds.’

He says the entity company returns as main sponsor of the event for the second time in row, having previously played the role of ordinary sponsor.

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