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Running with the Night: Time to once more race under the Moonlight in Arusha City

More than 1500 participants will be racing under the moonlight in the forthcoming fourth instalment of the annual ‘Arusha Night Run,’ event.

The after dusk athletic event will see thousands of racers ‘running in the night,’ within the Northern city of Tanzania on November 25, 2023.

Organized by Quality Sports Promoter, the Arusha Night Run this time also gets flagged off from the Ngarenaro Sports Complex at about 10.00 pm in the dusk.

“Preparations are ready with all the essential services as well as entertainment to be provided,” said Kylie Gyubi the Director of Quality Sports Promoter (QSP).

According to organizers, tea, coffee, soup, bites and snacks as well as other bottled beverages including beer and soft drinks will be available to all participants.

There will essentially also be some form of a night party at the starting and finishing venue in Ngarenaro.

The total return trip running distance adds up to 20 kilometers.

There will be three categories of the race, starting with the main event of 20 kilometers, then the 10 kilometers and 5 kilometres’ fun run.

The race will be mapped along the same routes covered during the previous three instalments of Arusha Night Run 2023.

The Arusha Night Run 2023 Tanzania

From Ngarenaro National Housing estates they will be racing along Nairobi road to NMB Ngaramtoni and back to the Ngarenaro Complex for the main 20 kilometers race.

The other mini events of the Arusha Night Run will be racing along the same route but featuring shorter distances, that is 5 and 10 kilometers.

The Arusha Regional Athletics Association (ARAA) Secretary Rogath Steven said events like the Night Race or Clock Tower Marathon have been helping them identify and recruit new athletes.

“The athletes have been bringing medals into the country from international races, but again, these events are also unifying factors that also help to bring people together,” the AARA Secretary added.

On his part, the Arusha District Council Director, Suleiman Msumi said sports helps to take the youth off the street to involve themselves in productive activities.

“Young people, when idle, become bombs, but once the youth find something enjoyable and involving, then many of the future problems get solved,” said the Director.

Msumi added that so far the district is conducting inter-classes sports competitions in local schools.

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