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New Wami Bridge Goes Into Operation July 2022

If all goes as planned, the ongoing construction of the New Wami Bridge in the Coastal Region may be completed next July.

The new bridge will thus go into service at the same time, solving 63 years of problems at the road section linking the Northern Zone regions with the Coastal Precincts, including Dar-es-salaam.

New Wami Bridge Under construction will solve transport woes along the Northern Zone linkage

Built across the Ruvu River or River Wami in the Bagamoyo District, the new bridge is set to replace the older crossing which is extremely narrow such that only one vehicle can pass at a time.

Being narrow, the old Wami Bridge crossing used to be a regular scene of accidents.

The current (Old) bridge is a dangerous crossing due to its narrow width

Now the length of the new bridge is 513 meters while its width expands at 11.5 meters.

Upon completion, the bridge which is placed slightly higher than the older bridge, straightens the road eliminating steep hills on either sides of the crossing.

It looks like the distance will thus be reduced by a few meters as well.

The Wami Bridge constriction project is being undertaked by the Chinese Contractor firm, knwon as Power Construction Corporation Limited. 

Wami Bridge lies along the A14 road highway mapped between Chalinze and Segera junctions.

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