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Ndasiata: The World’s First White Zebra?

For the first time in history a totally ‘white’ Zebra gets discovered in Serengeti, Tanzania’s third largest National Park.

The Young Zebra, which has been given the name ‘ Ndasiata’ is reported to be an animal with full white coat.

Already some observers call it the case of albinism.

All the same, as experts are out to find more about this strange animal, the case is definitely the first of this nature to be documented in history of the Serengeti and possibly also the entire East African Zoology.

The Zebra was spotted in Ndasiata area of Serengeti National Park in February this year.

The Tanzania National Parks have confirmed the existence of the snow white Zebra.

“Ndasiata” the world’s first white Zebra?

In recent times, there have increasing reports of animals with insufficient melanin which is believed to be the cause behind the rather strange appearance.

In 2019 a Zebra with partial albinism as spotted in Serengeti National Park was described as ‘strange and rare,’ it was photographed by a visitor known as Sergio Pitamitz. This now becomes a past story, because a full albino Zebra has been spotted in the same area.

Again, about two years ago, another Zebra, Christened ‘Tira,’ was also spotted in Maasai Mara Reserve of Kenya featuring excess melanin and spotting an almost full black coat with white dots.

Later another black Zebra with the same appearance was seen in Serengeti National Park of Tanzania.

The black Zebra is said to be doing well in the endless plains of Serengeti, Tanzania as of now.

But just as the world was still marveling on the black Zebra Tira, suddenly a white Zebra, ‘Ndasiata’ makes scene in Serengeti.

Odd One Out? White Ndasiata seems to mingle well with other Ungulates in the ‘Endless Plains!’

Other than white Zebras, white Giraffes are already common in Tanzania, especially in Tarangire and Katavi National Parks. But so far there have been only one ‘White Buffalo’ which was spotted in Ngorongoro Conservation Area back in 2014 and since then there have been no more reports regarding the white coated ferocious mammal

Tanzania Times

Globally, there are no reports of ‘white zebras,’ only a small number of zebras with partial albinism conditions. These live in captivity. The so-called ‘golden zebras’ can only be found living in the wild in places like Serengeti reserve of Tanzania or Maasai Mara in Kenya. 

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