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Mountain Gorillas Scare Tanzanian Drivers from Motor Racing in Rwanda

As Rwanda hosts the ‘Mountain Gorilla’ Motor Rally event, it seems no driver from Tanzania wants to participate in the race.

The FIA African Rally Championship cross-country motor racing event runs from September 23 to 25 in the country of thousand hills.

Organized by the Rwanda Automobile Club (RAC), the entry list for the Mountain Gorilla Motor Rally event is out, featuring 21 vehicles.

The 42 drivers and their respective navigators come from Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Burundi.

Rwanda, the host country with 17 personnel, features the highest number of drivers and co-drivers.

Kenya comes second with 10 participants; Uganda fields 8 participants, Burundi has 5 drivers and navigators while Zambia lists two entries in a single team.

Zambia brings the notorious couple, Leroy Gomes and Urshilla Gomes behind the wheel of their trusty Ford Fiesta R5.

But when it comes to engines, the Subaru badge seems to dominate the vehicles’ line-up.

There are 9 Subaru Imprezas listed to spin their wheels in the Mountain Gorilla Motor Rally of Rwanda 2022.

Other racing cars include 6 Ford Fiestas coming with models R3 and R5 pieces of equipment.

There are also 4 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X machines, a single Toyota Avensis and One Peugeot 205.

It is still not known why there are no Tanzanians in Rwanda’s ARC Mountain Gorilla Rally 2022.

The Mountain Gorilla Rally is Rwanda’s flagship motor racing event.

Meanwhile the Munge Rally Team has produced the winner of the fourth round of the Atlantic National Rally Championship (NRC) in Tanga, in the persons of Altaaf Munge and Ally Hamoud Al-Salmy.

The Winning Mitsubishi Car in the Tanga Rally (Photo by Josh Lowry)

That is despite the fact that for some reason, the Tanga Rally event did not get much exposure like other events being held in the country.

Tanzania, on the other hand is preparing the 2022 installment of the Atlantic ‘Guru Nanak Rally,’ a Tanzanian National Rally Championship Round 5, being organized by the Arusha Motor Sports Club.

The Rally raises dust on Sunday, October 9, 2022, in Arusha.

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