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Mount Kilimanjaro International Convention Center Project is back on tracks in Arusha City

It is a dream which has been sustained for more than 20 years now, but Tanzania seems to still nurture it fondly and now the country is taking the first step to build the gigantic landmark in Arusha.

Government spokesperson Gerson Msigwa who recently visited Arusha, said plans to that effect are underway and soon the construction towards the facility will commence.

Through the Arusha International Conference Center, Tanzania is working towards the construction of what is likely to be Tanzania’s high-end modern convention center in order to reinforce the country’s position as top congress tourism destination in East Africa.

It will be known as the ‘Kilimanjaro International Convention Center,’ and set to become the third conference facility being manned under the Arusha International Conference Center.

The AICC has the main complex located at the heart of Arusha City, the Julius Nyerere Convention Center in Dar-es-salaam and the proposed Kilimanjaro Convention Center.

But the planned state-of-the-art congress facility and exhibition center is going to be constructed along the road to Njiro in the southern outskirts of Arusha City.

The area happens to be where the AICC owns among other property, huge chunks of land and residential housing units.

Upon its completion, the Kilimanjaro International convention center is anticipated to become the first such hybrid facility in East and Central Africa.

The centre will contain a plenary hall surrounded by smaller exhibition spaces. The hall will have a seating capacity of 2,500, but it will be possible to reconfigure it to contain up to 10,000 delegates.

The facility will also house restaurants, a hotel and a shopping mall an exhibition auditorium.

Mount Kilimanjaro International Convention Center (MKICC) was initially planned to draw a clear line between the usual conference-like meetings that almost all up-coming hotels countrywide claim to be able to host and serious international level congress tourism.

Conference tourism is a sector which Arusha seems to fare best compared to other destinations in East Africa.

The KICC was initially announced back in 2003 by the former AICC Managing Director, the late Elishilia Kaaya and since then the project has remained on papers and in discussions.

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