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Development Partners not happy with TASAF delaying disbursement of funds to households

Development partners bankrolling projects being executed under the Tanzania Social Action Fund have tasked TASAF management to ensure that all community programs in the country run flawlessly.

Officials from the World Bank (WB), the British High Commissioner, ​​the Embassy of Sweden and the Embassy of Ireland, have described some of the flaws to be addressed include notorious cases of delayed payments to the beneficiaries.

They figured that it will not be easy for the Social Action Fund to reduce poverty among residents if beneficiaries will be compelled to go through cumbersome processes in getting their funding.

The mission representatives made the remarks during their official tour to visit and inspect TASAF projects as well as evaluating their implementation.

They visited TASAF projects being undertaken in the Itundwi and Bukulu Villaged of Kondoa District in the rural parts of Dodoma Region.

Annie Homes, from the British Embassy in Tanzania, stated that they were however impressed and satisfied with the way the local villagers, who are the program beneficiaries, have been making use of the funds in hatching income generating activities.

“We are satisfied with the way people are making use of the money in starting small businesses and executing community projects but there are some setbacks being experienced on the TASAF side, especially the issue of delaying payments to villagers,” Homes stated.

Naseku Kisambu, from the Embassy of Sweden, said despite the fact that the program has so far played a major role to assist its beneficiaries in their quest to escape extreme poverty there is still the need to emphasize the issue of gender equality in TASAF projects.

He particularly expressed concern regarding gender equality in a number of TASAF projects and funds disbursements.

The Tanzania Social Action Fund’s National Director of Coordination, Haika Shayo, said the goal of the three-day visit was to evaluate how the humanitarian project, implemented by TASAF, was achieving its chief vision of reducing poverty among poor households.

“A similar visit was on the other hand taking place in other regions, including Mtwara and Kilimanjaro where our teams are visiting all areas in which were implementing the project to see how the beneficiar​ies’​ households are benefiting,” Shayo expressed.

Annie Homes (third from right) from the British Embassy in Tanzania, exchange some ideas with the Director of coordination TASAF headquarters, Haika Shayo during the special visit of the beneficiaries of TASAF program in Kondoa District, Dodoma.

Currently, we’re working to educate the beneficiaries who so far managed to increase their livelihoods at satisfying tunes to see how they can stand on their own economic shadow so that we can drop them out of the project to pave way for others who are living in deep poverty, “she said.

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