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Korea injects 2.7 billion/- in supporting Mother and Child Health Care in Dodoma

The Korea Foundation for International Healthcare has injected over 2.7 billion/- to support maternal and child health services in Kongwa and Mpwapwa Districts of Dodoma.

Health projects implemented through the initiative include construction of theatre rooms, procuring ambulances, establishing incinerators, placenta pits, infant radiation warmers, bed pans, delivering beds as well as the procurement of vital medical equipment.

The medical projects, carried out for three consecutive years from 2021 to 2023 targeted at curbing maternal and child mortality as well as improving health facilities in the Maternal, Neonatal and Child Healthcare (MNCH).

“Through the project we have also managed to empower over 300 local community leaders as well as 900 women with reproductive health education,” explained Nice Moshi, a representative from the Korea Foundation for International Healthcare (KOFIH).

Speaking during the forum for the evaluation of the implementation of the project, Nice Moshi added that the same reproductive health training was provided to several Primary and Secondary School students from the two districts in Dodoma region.

The project also involved a series of voluntary blood donation programs, whereas between February and August 2023, a total of 977 blood units were collected, surpassing the target of getting 666 blood units within the six-month period.

The Dodoma Regional Administrative Secretary, Ally Gugu said the implementation of the project has resulted in noticeable improvement in the Neonatal and Child Healthcare (MNCH) sector in the precinct.

“At least now over 91 percent of expectant mothers are attending formal medical services and delivering babies in official health facilities,” said Gugu adding that nearly 77 percent of expectant mothers are also accessing clinical services.

Delivering at home for one reason or another has always been the problem facing many expectant mothers in rural parts of the country.

Korea Foundation for International Healthcare is assisting a number of African countries, Tanzania included in implementing a series of community health services.

KOFIH has been established since 2006 as a public agency affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Republic of Korea to honor the late Dr. Lee Jong-wook, who was the 6th Director General of the World Health Organization.