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Italian Job: Police Officers Climb Higher Ranks for Proper Handling of Tourists from Rome

The Tanzanian Ministry of Home Affairs has raised the ranks of two Police officers in Arusha Region, who handled the case of Italian tourists with diligence.

Among the two cops that have been promoted include, the former Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Waziri Tenga, who now becomes a full Superintendent of Police (SP).

Former Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Waziri Tenga, in charge of the Arusha Tourism and Diplomatic Police Station who now climbs ranks into a full Superintendent of Police (SP).

Also endorsed to higher status is the former Inspector of Police, Anthony Mwaihoba (Famously known as Baba Anna)

Following the promotion, Inspector Anthony now becomes the Assistant Superintendent of Police Mwaihoba.

Home Affairs Minister, Engineer Hamad Masauni who raised the cops’ working statuses, explains that, the Tanzania Embassy in Rome sent a letter to his office, conveying gratitude from some visitors from Italy who during their itinerary in Arusha, they were served well by the police officers.

Somehow the Italian tourists had fallen into the hands of some local racketeers during their trip in Tanzania, where the culprits tried to rob them.

As is happens, Arusha has established a special Tourism and Diplomacy Police Station which handles all matters concerning foreigners, tourists and other visitors from neighboring countries.

The Superintendent of Police, Waziri Tenga is the head of the Special Department in Arusha.

So, the Italian tourists reported their case to this special Tourism and Diplomatic Police Station.

According to the letter from Rome, the two officers serving at the facility catered to them with integrity and managed to solve whichever problems they were facing.

Cases of crime against tourists in Tanzania, according to Police reports, are getting fewer, compared to two decades ago, but they still happen.

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