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How Tanzania Ranks On Latest Global Peace Index 2022 Listing

The latest Global Peace Index report for the year 2022 is out.

Apparently the seven East African Member States won’t be in a hurry to write home about their latest indexing, but then, neither will the USA.

Climbing at Number 72 on the continent, Rwanda seems to be the most peaceful country in East Africa as Tanzania gets Ranked at Position 86 on the Global Peace Index.

Kenya is listed at Number 120 on the GPI while Uganda gets fixed on the 121st slot, a position which is directly below Nairobi.

The color coded map which accompanies the listing places Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania in the yellow category.

Yellow indicates that the three East African Countries are in the ‘Medium,’ state on the GPI.

Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania also seem to be more peaceful that the United States of America, according to the colors on the Map below.

The Map illustrating the 2022 Global Peace Index. Countries with a deeper shade of green are the most peaceful while those in red being more violent.

However dragging the East African Community down are the Democratic Republic of Congo, at Number 158 and South Sudan ranked 159 on Global Peace Index.

Juba and Kinshasa are also screaming Red on the Global Peace Index Mapping.

Red color means the country falling under the crimson shade is ultra violent on the State of Peace in the world.

South Sudan is also ‘The Least Peaceful Country,’ in Africa as per latest rankings.

Ghana is the most peaceful country in Africa ranking at number 40.

Overall, Iceland has emerged the Most Peaceful Country in the world. It is listed at Number One this year. New Zealand takes the second position globally.

Afghanistan is the Least Peaceful Country globally, tagging last at number 163.

Compiled by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) the Global Peace Index is a report measuring the relative position of nations’ and regions’ peacefulness in the world.

Global Peace Index ranks 163 independent states and territories, accounting for 99.7 per cent of the world’s population, in relation to their levels of peacefulness.

For the last ten years or so, the Global Peace Index has been indicating inclinations of increased global violence and less peacefulness

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