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“Neither Ebola, Nor Marburg!” Three Dead From Unknown ‘Southern’ Disease

Medical experts are still baffled by the strange disease which causes people to experience excessive nose bleeding, serious headaches and collapsing into state of unconsciousness.

An official statement from the Chief Government PhysicianDrAifello Sichalwe, is to the effect that the disease is not Ebola. It is also not Marburg and certainly not another variety of Covid-19.

“We are still conducting epidemiological studies to find out what kind of pandemic is this,” says Dr Sichalwe.

Apparently the disease is mostly affecting the Southern Parts of Tanzania and nowhere else.

The Pandemic is mostly felt in Ruangwa District of Lindi Region, where so far, more than 13 people have been infected.

The disease, which also causes fatigue and dizziness has claimed the lives of its three victims.

Five among the people who reported to the Mbekenyera Health Center in Lindi however managed to recover from the illness.

But elsewhere in Kilwa, some 5 other people have been forced to flee from the residential homes in Naungo area of Nanjilinjili after realizing that they were also infected.

President Samia Suluhu, on addressing members of the clergy recently suspected that, the strange malady could have been transmitted to humans by some wild animals.

The Government physician explains that medical experts, including the National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) were closely monitoring the affected people in addition to providing necessary treatment.

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