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Motor Rally: Can Khan Afford a Ford and Mitsubishi?


Ace Rally Driver, Jamil Khan who took a five-year break from motor sporting returns again to spin the wheels in forthcoming rallies in remaining part of the year 2022.

As he warms up to resume top performance at the forthcoming Guru Nanak event of National Rally Championship, Jamil is testing two different racing machines.

He started with a Ford during the recently held Tanga Rally and now revs up a Mitsubishi for the Guru Nanak National Rally Championship in Arusha.

And finally, a flying car debut

This time the annual NRC Atlantic Guru Nanak Rally raises dust on October 9, 2022.

It races in the Monduli terrains and for the first time the motor sporting event is deploying a satellite-based radio navigation timing system.

Khan who tested his Ford Proto car during the recently held Tanga Motor Rally, this time pedals a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X during the Arusha event.

“I am testing the two cars, the Ford and Mitsubishi, to see which will be suitable for future motor racing events,” explained Khan.

He explains that he took the five-year hiatus after being compelled to travel to India, taking care of his ailing father, who was also his motor sporting mentor.

Attending to his sick parent, Jamil Khan thus had to temporarily set aside motor sporting events.

Returning back to the game, he intends to use this year’s rally races to warm up for future motor sports.

“I am preparing to win all rallies in 2023, this time I am simply exercising after being away for five years, that is why it is important to test several vehicles as well,” he said.

After the Tanga Rally in a Ford Proto, Khan now wants to test a Mitsubishi Evolution X in the Guru Nanak Rally.

Guru Nanak Rally coordinator, Manmeet Singh, explains here that the 2022 event features 20 vehicles and a special timing system will help provide accurate results.

Singh is also the Vice Chairman of the Arusha Motor Sports Club AMSC.

The Guru Nanak Rally 2022 preparatory and launching base will be stationed at the Tanzania military Academy (TMA)’s Dhahabu Resort in Monduli.

According to the AMSC Chairperson Stephen Lohay, drivers racing against time in the Guru Nanak Rally come from Tanga, Morogoro, Dar-es-salaam and the hosting region of Arusha.

This is the Fifth round of Guru Nanak Rally and is set to cover over 137 kilometers of mostly the Monduli terrains.

Cars will race from TMA through Nanja, Monduli-Juu, Emairate, Monduli Township, Orkeswa and Lashaine among other areas.

Lohay says they have prepared special spectators zones where fans can watch the entire event with adherence to safety.

Defending champion of Guru Nanak Rally 2021, Manveer Birdi with his navigator Ravi Chana, will return again this year to reclaim the crown in their trusty Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Earlier in the Previous 2020 Guru Nanak Rally Winner was the Kenyan driver, Karan Patel, in a Ford Fiesta, being navigated by Tauseef Khan.

Patel, the Kenyan driver, first won the rally in 2018 with James Mwangi in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo10.

But as of now, there are no reports of any participant from either Kenya or Uganda.

Kenya, according to Manmeet Singh, has another rally event around that time as far as Motor sporting calendar listing is concerned.

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