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Flight PW 494 Mystery: The Case of two Strange Persons aboard the ill-fated Plane

There were four mysterious passengers on the airplane which plunged into Lake Victoria killing 19 people.

Reports coming up from the disaster scenario reveal that, for unknown people, traveling on the Precision Air flight PW 494 were not listed in the aircraft’s manifest.

The Original Manifest indicated that the Flight PW 494 had 39 passengers, 2 pilots and 2 air hostesses, totaling to 43 people.

However, during the rescue operation, it was suddenly discovered that there were actually 45 people aboard the ill-fated plane, which means two mysterious and unaccounted persons were in the aircraft.

And out of the 26 people who were rescued, including 24 passengers and the two air hostesses, there was one person who hastily fled from the scene upon making port.

Reports say the mysterious passenger simply ran away, or maybe disappeared.

The investigation on the hybrid air and maritime accident has started and the issue of the two unaccounted passengers may be brought to light.

The Airplane, an ATR 42-500 belonging to the Precision Air carrier, plunged into the lake while attempting to land at Bukoba Airport in Kagera Region, on the misty morning of Sunday, November 6, 2022.

The plane had left Dar-es-salaam City at 7.00 am, flew to Mwanza then routed to Bukoba.

Due to extreme weather conditions around the terminal, the Captain, Buruani Lubaga made a few rounds above Bukoba, waiting for the fog to clear and was even contemplating to revert to Mwanza.

Heart Breaking Remains

Later the pilot attempted entry again but according to some of the survivors, there was great shaking, possibly due to tumultuous weather or equipment malfunction and the plane dropped on the lake.

Captain Lubaga and First Officer Peter Odhiambo were trapped in the cockpit when the aircraft nose-dived into the lake, he reportedly radioed that they were running out of oxygen.

Boatmen that were fishing on Victoria saw the plane wading in the Lake and rowed to the rescue.

The fishermen managed to take to safety more than 25 passengers from the plane using their paddled boats and canoes.

The fire and rescue team staff stood at the shore helplessly and have causes uproar from the public for their incompetence.

In Nutshell

Precision Air flight PW 494 was a scheduled service between Dar-es-Salaam City and Bukoba Town of Kagera.

Bukoba, is located on the shores of Africa’s water body, Lake Victoria.

The flight was operated by a 12-year-old ATR 42-500, registered 5H-PWF.

After the accident, Precision Air management dispatched an investigation team to Kagera region.

The team is made up of the airline’s technical staff and representatives from the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA).


Meanwhile a Statement from the East African Business Council regarding the Precision-Air accident

The Chairperson, Board of Directors, Management and Members of the East African Business Council (EABC) conveys deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the passengers and crew in the accident involving Precision Air flight PW-494 which crashed at Lake Victoria in Bukoba. Precision Air has been at the forefront opening Tanzania skies to East Africans.  EABC cares and shares in your loss.

Angelina Ngalula
East African Business Council (EABC)

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