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First ‘Made in Malaysia’ Trains Start Maiden Journey On Tanzania Railways

Three diesel-electric locomotives from Kuala Lumpur have been delivered at the Dar-es-salaam Port ready to be commissioned by the Tanzania Railways Corporation to serve the central route.

The Tanzania Times was told that these maiden ‘H10′ Series’ locomotives, to be built by the SMH Rail, a Malaysian Rolling Stock Manufacturing Company, should be four times more fuel efficient on average, than road freight transport.

According to the manufacturers, the first ever locomotives to be built in Malaysia were designed to be used specifically for African freight operators on Meter Gauge Railway lines.

Tanzania will also be testing the country’s new Standard Gauge Railways next month.

The ‘H10 Series’ Locomotives that have just been delivered to Tanzania, are also compliant with International Union of Railways (UIC) standards. Already 44 complimenting wagons had arrived in the country earlier.

From Malaysia with Love for Tanzania Railway Lines.

Designed for heavy haulage and uninterrupted long-haul services, the locomotives have the capability to operate in challenging terrains and weather conditions.

The Locomotives are equipped with remote monitoring and diagnostics solution to provide real-time updates to rail operators, allowing for remote monitoring performance including speed, maintenance needs, fuel consumption and fault alerts.

Reportedly built with advanced technology to reduce carbon emissions by 75 percent, the engines could also replace 100 cargo trucks, making goods transportation cheaper and more convinient.

However that may not exactly be good news for truckers and other roadways transporters in the country.

According to the SMH Rail’s Managing Director, Yang Berbahagia Datuk PK Nara, Tanzania is the first client to purchase the maiden locomotives.

“They are delivered to Tanzania Railways Corporation with funding support from the World Bank,” he said adding that he was confident that their maiden engines will transform the rail cargo industry in the country and continent.

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