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Tanzania Police plans to deploy computers for motor vehicle inspections

Deputy Commissioner of Police Ramadhani Ng’anzi who commandeers the Traffic Police Force, has declared that it is high time the department embarks on digitalized mode of vehicle inspection.

“Modern cars have gone digital and the police must also keep pace with the technology if we are to seriously ensure that all vehicles, especially passenger carriers are properly examined before being allowed on the roads,” DCP Ng’azi pointed out here.

The commander of the police force was addressing police officers in Arusha.

The cops were were attending tailor-made road safety training sessions in the Northern Zone’s city.

Vehicle Inspectors and heads of traffic department from all over the country have been provided with the latest tailor-made auxiliary road safety training organized by the Arusha Technical College (ATC) in the city.

The Arusha Technical College happens to be the first and currently only vocational training institution to operate a fully-fledged computerized vehicle diagnosis laboratory.

The state-owned facility specializing in mechanical training also runs vehicle repairing workshops and a driving school in Arusha.

“The Arusha Technical College is far ahead in this field, focusing on the future of motoring, it is thus the right time for all traffic departments of police to emulate the example,” the Police Boss maintained.

According to Ng’azi, days of relying on naked eyes to determine whether a vehicle is roadworthy or not, have gone, this time it is all about computers and advanced technology in automobile inspection.

The Arusha Technical College Principal, Prof. Musa Chacha said they have discovered that more than 70 percent of road accidents in the country are caused by drivers.

“But again that is because most drivers are ignorant of vehicle mechanisms, some not taking warning lights seriously, abnormal cautioning lights or adherence to periodical inspections and maintenance of their cars,” pointed out the ATC Rector.

Regarding the training, the ATC Head of vehicle department, David Mtunguja said the sessions covered various topics including automobile maintenance, modern driving skills and the provision of first aid and rescue services to passenger vehicles in case of emergency.

Mtunguja explained that the college provides specialized traffic training courses including VIP Chauffeuring, Tour vehicles driving, dignitary vehicles handling and will soon launch ‘International Driving Skills Course.

Speaking during the occasion, DCP Fresser Kashai, the traffic supervisor said it all boils down to reinforcing safety on the national roads and reducing cases of motor vehicle accidents in the country.

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