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Faya Tess releases New song praising Kenyan Trade Unionist, Atwoli

When Kenyan Trade Unionist, Francis Atwoli invited Congolese crooners, Faya Tess and Nyboma Mwandido to entertain him during private New Year bash, he caused major uproar and now one of the singers seems to pay back the generousity.

As it happens, Papa Atwoli is getting a new song from Faya Tess. The entire track is praising the Secretary General of the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU), of Kenya.

Belted in a mix of English, Lingala and broken Swahili, the honey voiced Kishila Ngoyi, popularly known by her artistic name Faya Tess, even features Atwoli himself in the accompanying video clip available on YouTube.

The new song, by the former Afrisa songstress is simply called ‘Francis Atwoli.’

The rather wealthy Kenyan Trade Unionist who loves Rhumba, should be happy with the crooner’s efforts. Especially as Faya Tess labours it out in her attempt to sing in Swahili, a language she is hardly conversant with.

FAYA STRESSED to Please Atwoli? Kishila belts it out.

The last time Faya Tess sang in Kiswahili was when he shared vocals with Mbilia Bel on the hit ‘Nadina,’ during her early days with Tabuley’s Afrisa International.

Faya Tess, who was groomed by Tabuley and remained with his band for over ten years, after she joined in 1986, now does solo stints, singing cover versions of popular classic hits previously done by Franco, Tabuley, Madilu and of course Nyboma.

Some of the hits Faya Tess covered include Tabuley’s Mongali, Silikani, Mokolo Nakokufa, Independence Chacha and Mundi, among many others. She also did Franco (TP Ok)’s Okko Regretter and Monzo as well as Madilu System’s Nzele.

Tess has been a frequent guest to Francis Atwoli in Kenya and at one time was invited to sing live during Kenya’s Labours Day celebrations.

A closer look at the video, it is obvious that Faya Tess shot the clips in Kenya. In fact it could have happened at the time when Atwoli was partying with the two rhumba maestros in his beachfront Kilifi home, judging by the blue sea in the background of a luxurious villa.

‘Francis Atwoli,’ could also be Faya Tess’ first original material in many years. Like many of her tracks it is over synthesized with a few guitar riffs here and there.

The song is definately rushed and obviously targeting to please just one man and his team of supporters.

Plus there was probably also the need to have the Kenya trade unionist featured in YouTube on more positive and relaxed scenario.

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