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Child Killed as Train derails near River Pangani in Tanga

A young child was killed on Sunday, when the train traveling from Arusha, heading to Dar-es-salaam derailed in the Pangani section, Tanga Region, where at least five wagons overturned.

The deceased was identified as Hassan Lugano, aged Seven.

The Locomotive engine number 9022 which was pulling passenger wagons was involved in the accident on early hours of Sunday, the 16th of January 2022.

The train belonging to the Tanzania Railways Corporration (TRC), departed from the Arusha station in the afternoon of Saturday, the 15th of January 2022 at about 2.30 pm with 700 passengers on board.

However, nine hours later when the train reached the area between Mkalamo and Mvave in Pangani section, the engine derailed sending eight wagons off the course and among them five cars overturned in the process.

Five people were badly injured in the crash, including three men and two female passengers.

The Tanzania Railways have confirmed the incident, describing the wagons that crashed to be those with serial numbers; 3662; 3666; 4536; 3526; 3527 and 3530. the other cars that simple went off tracks include the buffet coach and wagons number 3662; 3666 and 4536.

The head of communications at TRC, Jamila Mabrouk said the injured patients are being treated at Mkalamo Dispensary.

Following the accident, train transport between Dar-es-salaam and the Northern Zone regions of Arusha and Kilimanjaro has been distrupted and the Railways company is working to restore service according to a statement from TRC.

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