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Did President Samia Suluhu Drive a War Bus in Royal Tour?

As the sneak peek for the forthcoming travel documentary ‘Royal Tour’ goes viral in Tanzania, there is a scene in which the country President Samia Suluhu Hassan, is seen behind the wheel of a heavy duty, ‘War Bus!’

The Large. All-terrain, green-colored, Monster which the head of state was seen driving in the film (dont blink, it is a fleeting moment, at least on the documentary trailer), happens to be an elongated, converted, Toyota Land-Cruiser Series-70. Yes, it is a ‘war bus.’

The Royal Tour Tanzania will premier on the 21st of April 2021 featuring President Samia Suluhu.

Usually any 4WD truck which has undergone conversion coming out with a heavy fabricated body, which extends and widen the truck to be large enough to carry at least seven people, together with their luggage and gear, is known here as a ‘War Bus!’

War Bus?

War Buses are popular in the East African leisure travel industry. These durable monsters are longer and heavier than the original vehicles onto which they were fabricated.

They are normally patched onto Landrovers and Land-Cruisers chassis. War Buses are sometimes difficulty to maneuver, especially on rough terrains.

Regarding war buses, however this is another story to be expected soon in The Tanzania Times.

Anyway, on closer look, the War Bus which Mama Samia Suluhu drove as she showed the producer of show, Peter Greenberg, around the endless savannah, belongs to the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA).

The Royal Gear: President Samia and the War Bus
War Buses, the one which President Samia Suluhu drove, is possibly on the far left. It belongs to TANAPA

Peter Greenberg is an award winning American journalist. He is the CBS News Travel Editor, reporting regularly on The Early Show, its replacement CBS This Morning, and the CBS Evening News. 

Early this year he was in Tanzania to fill the country’s version of his popular travel series, ‘The Royal Tour,’ which features Heads of States as hosts and tour guides.

Peter returned in the country recently and aired his program ‘Eye on Travel’ live from Dar-es-salaam, where he answered various questions on global travel, especially during the current holidays season.

The Royal Tour Tanzania, which is set to premier on the 21st of April 2022, features President Samia Suluhu Hassan. She is not only a tour guide in the program but also occasionally a driver, battling a heavy duty ‘War Bus,’ with Greenberg on the side.

We had to freeze these shots from the film trailer currently making rounds on social media platforms

The program sees the Tanzanian President taking the audience on the country’s tour. The Royal Tour Tanzania covers, among other sites, the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mirerani Tanzanite mines, Zanzibar Islands, Dar-es-salaam and parts of Arusha City.

With a non-stop, mostly nature driven action, the Royal Tour Tanzania covers traditional dances (as expected) coastal tunes, the cradle of manking at Olduvai Gorge, the active Oldonyo L’engai Volcano and of course the endless savannah.

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