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Climate Action Zone launched in Nairobi ahead of Africa Summit coming up in Kenya

As Kenya prepares the forthcoming First African Climate summit the Nairobi-based Alliance for Science has launched the Climate Action Zone.

The launching of the Climate Action Zone was facilitated in collaboration with other partners such as the United Nations Environmental Programme in the Africa Development Bank, The Green Climate Fund, The International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) and the Christian Charity, Tearfund.

The platform has been hatched to complement the Africa Climate Summit, an event which comes up in Nairobi from September 4 to 6.

The Climate Action Zone also targets to bring into focus the locally-driven climate initiatives taking place throughout Africa

The Alliance for Science is an organization which advocates for science-based solutions to the key issues of current time, including reducing agriculture’s environmental footprint, mitigating the climate crisis, reducing poverty, and improving food security and nutrition.

Dr Sheila Ochugboju who is the Executive Director of Alliance for Science has called upon all partners to come together during the climate action zone in support of the climate action agenda.

The Climate Action Zone is pivoted at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Upperhill, Nairobi. 

“We want to provide a space for youth, farmers, and women to engage in conversations about the available solutions for mitigating the effects of climate change,” Dr Ochugboju stated.

The Climate Action Zone has also been crafted to involve participation of the youth, facilitate open and candid discussions on topics that might need to be more prominent during the main Summit’s agenda.

 Janet Macharia from the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the climate action zone will provide an opportunity to interrogate gender-differentiated impacts of climate change, focusing on solutions.

“It is time to show the world that women are at the forefront of climate change adaptation and that Africa is moving forward in implementing mitigation measures,” she said.

Speaking on behalf of Phillip Thigo, Executive Director of Thunderbird School of Global Management, Kate Idwasi said Thunderbird played a pivotal role in rallying support for President William Ruto’s climate action, education, creative economy, and space initiatives.

 “Climate change is an existential threat, necessitating collective efforts from academia, civil society, industry and governments to realize their nationally determined contributions,” Idwasi maintained.

The event will be a platform to harness solutions and advanced carbon accounting methods through discussions with the Africa Green Building Summit, Mama Doing Good, and South-South Collaboration.           

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