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Anyone for circular economy in Africa?

There are calls prompting African countries to adopt the World Circular Economy mode of production and consumption.

Business entities on the continent are being advised to change steps from traditional linear economy entailing Making, Using and Disposing into the circular model in which resources will now be kept in use for as long as possible, maximum value is extracted from them whilst in use.

Afterwards the used products can be shared, recycled, reused and regenerated for another lease of life.

The call was repeated again during the recently held convention staged for the first time across the Eastern African Region Comes in sync with the event in which the heads of States  from the East and Southern African Economic Block were converging in Zambia to discuss the common African market.

Lara Maritano is a Circular Economy Consultant and director of the World Circular Economy program Kenyan Chapter, who lauded her country’s residents for adopting the Circular Economy module.

She said the module has been in place for at least the last 15 years which makes the region to be in a better place when it comes to play the role of prototype for other African Nations to adopt. 

“Africa has been using circular principles for generations. As new business models and technologies emerge, the opportunities for agriculture, manufacturing and waste management can be harnessed to improve livelihoods and reduce poverty,” Maritano maintains.

Zablon Wekesa who is the Coordinator for the Kenyan Chapter urged the policy makers to make quick intervention so that Kenya and the East African Region are not left out in the initiative.

He pointed out that most countries are changing from the usual linear economy where products were made for a certain period of time and later disposed of which would in turn bring up issues of waste Management.

“Am glad that exhibitors have been displaying what we’re talking about today in industry, policy makers, and the education system to make more emphasis on the Circular Economy where products are Made, Used and Recycled again,” Wekesa stated.

Kenya has started making milestones on the Circular economy network by introducing a green economy document and a law that will make changes on policies that regulate businesses and enterprises.

Dr Ayub Director of environment at the Ministry of Environment Kenya has commended different market outlets in Nairobi Metropolitan that are addressing waste Management through recycling of organic waste which in turn produce fertilizers as final product.

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