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Flightradar claims Precision Airplane was not Equipped with an ADS-B

Flightradar says the aircraft which plunged into Lake Victoria on Sunday, was not equipped with Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B).

We are following reports of an air accident in Tanzania. However, the aircraft was not equipped with an ‘ADS-B‘ so we didn’t track it. Looks like the aircraft is an ATR-42 from Precision Air with Registration 5H-PWF.

Flightradar24 on Twitter

An ADS-B is an air traffic surveillance technology which enables an aircraft to be accurately tracked by air traffic controllers and other pilots without the need for the conventional radar.

According to Flightradar, there is an ADS-B Mandate in some airspaces, such as in the USA, Europe and Australia, but mostly for bigger and relatively heavier aircrafts.

Flightradar is a platform which tracks and follows all flights around the globe in real time.

The ill-fated aircraft was French-made, ATR 42-500, with a seating capacity of 48 which was purchased in 2010.

A total of 43 people were onboard, among them 39 passengers and 4 crew members.

Some 26 people were reportedly rescued from the scene of the accident. There are 19 dead victims so far, according to Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa.

The airplane belonging to the Precision Air carrier in Tanzania, is currently partly submerged in Lake Victoria where it plunged on Sunday Morning.

The aircraft on flight PW 494 was piloted by Captain Burhani Rubaga an experienced aviator with a 20-year track-record.

The Pilot

The Precision-Air aircraft had an entire front part of the fuselage in the water, but being an airtight cabin, authorities at first assured by-standers of passengers’ safety.

The fuselage was later towed from the waters using ropes creating uproar from members of public

The PW Flight from Dar was about to land at Bukoba Airport in Kagera Region, after departing from Mwanza City on Sunday Morning when the accident occurred.

The plane is being surrounded by fishing boats and fishermen trying to tow the craft out of the waters.

It seems they are trying to pull the airframe from the depths using ropes, a very crude method due to lack of rescue equipment.

Apparently, the accident occurred not far from the Lake shores of Bukoba.

Precision-Air usually operate a fleet of ATR aircrafts made in France.

Reports have that the plane had actually dived into shallow depth of Africa’s largest water body.

The Kagera Regional Police Commander, William Mpaghale has confirmed the incident saying rescue operations were going on.

But did the captain land on water to evert worse scenario?

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