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Death Reports as Airplane gets towed by ropes from Lake Victoria

Death toll from the Precision-Air accident on Lake Victoria is reaching 19 so far.

That is the latest figure reported by Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa.

Previously, the Kagera Regional Medical officer, Dr Issessanda Kaniki, conformed the deaths of three people from bodies salvaged out of the Precision Airplane wreckage earlier.

The aircraft plunged into Lake Victoria on Sunday Morning of October 6, 2022, killing two men and one woman during the accident.

Until the end of the dead the fuselage was still being towed manually using ropes by local fishermen who actually were the people who performed the entire rescue operation.

The badly damaged airframe is being dragged from where the airplane had plunged which is a few kilometres from the Bukoba shores of Lake Victoria.

The ATR 42-500 airplane, belonging to Precision-Air was flying from Dar-es-salaam to Mwanza through Bukoba where the accident occurred shortly before landing at the latter’s airport.

There were 43 people on board, the flight PW 494, among them 39 passengers and a crew of four, including two pilots.

BUKOBA AIRPORT: A pilot’s worst nightmare?

Aviation sources say Bukoba Airport adjacent to Lake Victoria is notorious for bumpy landings.

The weather was also cloudy and misty when the ill-fated plane nose-dived into the large water body.

And the air terminal is where the Precision Air ATR42-500 crashed, as aircraft encounter strong headwinds as it flew above the lake inching closer to the airport.

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