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Top-ten African countries with highest values of exports

Africa has always been regarded as a source of raw materials for the more developed, western world, but there are countries on the continent that produce processed and semi-processed goods for export overseas.

Here are the top ten African Countries as far as their exports values are concerned, with South-Africa, as expected, topping the bill according to the data from both the World Bank and Statista.

We have also listed here five more countries that are worth mention as far as their exports are concerned.

Johannesburg’s exports are valued at USD 135 billion per year and it is Africa’s Largest Exporter by figures.

From the southern tip of the continent, the second biggest exporter is a country on the Northern tip of Africa and this is Egypt, with an annual exports value reaching USD 72 Billion.

Still on the north of the continent Algeria ranks third with USD 61 billion worth of exports in a year.

Currently suffering effects of earthquakes, Morocco however takes the fourth position in Africa with the country exporting goods valued at USD 58.4 billion in a year on average.

At number five, comes Nigeria whose total exports reach around USD 47 billion on an annual average.

Angola ranks at number 6 in Africa among countries with highest values of exports recording USD 30 billion.

The Democratic Republic of Congo with an average USD 28 billion of annual exports takes the seventh position and is the leading East African Community (EAC) member state with highest volume of exports.

After DRC comes Tunisia whose USD 22.5 billion of exports, places the country at number 8 in Africa.

Ghana takes the ninth position as the country ships out goods worth USD 20 Billion per annum.

Closing the top-ten listing on the continent is Cote d’Ivoire which exports consignments worth USD 17.4 Billion in a year.

Other countries worth mentioning include Kenya, at number 11 with exports valued at USD 14 billion.

There is also Gabon, slotted at number 12 with exports valued at USD 13 billion.

Tanzania, on the other hand, ranks at number 13 as the country ships abroad export goods valued at USD 12 billion.

 Zambia with USD 11.5 worth of export shipments is ranked at number 14 in Africa.

At number 15 is Ethiopia with USD 10.5 billion of exports, while Congo Brazzaville takes the 16th position with USD 10.4 billion worth of exports.

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