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Kenya and Rwanda are the Only East African Countries with Satellites in Space

Kenya and Rwanda are the only East African countries which have satellites orbiting in space.

The two East African Countries each has a single satellite high above the skies.

According to reports from the Africa Space Generation Advisory Council (ASGAC), only 12 African countries have managed to place satellites in space.

Egypt tops the bill on the continent, in having the highest number of space outposts, boasting a total of 11 satellites orbiting the space as of now.

South Africa comes second. The country has 10 such planetoids in the outer space so far.

Algeria is third on the continent, the country has dispatched 6 satellites above the earth.

Coming fourth is Nigeria, which is Africa’s most populous (and loud) country with 6 satellites orbiting.

Morocco has three satellites in space making it the fifth and last country with more than one satellites on the list. The remaining seven countries each has a single satellite in space.

The Africa Space Generation Advisory Council data indicates that Ghana, Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Angola, Kenya, Rwanda and Mauritius each has One Satellite in space so far.

Overall, there are more than 6000 satellites orbiting the earth’s outer space at the moment.

Human beings have been sending satellites into space for seven decades now since the 1950s.

On the New Year day of January 1 2021 there were 6,542 satellites above the earth skies.

However, just as 6500 satellites seem like too much, only half of them are currently active.

Still, the outer space is soon expected to get more crowded, since the number of satellites in orbit is expected to rise by 500 percent within the next ten years.

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