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Zuchu And Diamond Platinumz Speculated Marriage Hits Iceberg

It seems like the highly anticipated nuptials between Tanzania’s top teen boppers, Zuchu and Diamond Platinumz is slowly, but surely melting into thin air.

Zuchu (Zuhura Kopa) and Diamond (Naseeb Abdul) have been making headlines of late, precisely in social media platforms all insinuating romantic affair between the two crooners.

And on their side, they hardly disappoint, from posting videos of them singing in some hotel bedrooms to featuring on each other’s audio tracks, photo shoots, tours and video clips.

Local showbiz gossipers have had a field day on the topic eventually concluding that the two were on their way to become husband and wife.

At first it clearly seemed so, until recently when an interview with Zuchu’s parent indicated that something could be amiss.

Zuchu’s mother, Khadija Kopa a former Taarab singer herself was speaking to some social media outlets and seemed not to be in favor of the due partnership outside music.

Media outlets apparently wanted to be updated on the status of the two Bongo Fleva artists’ blossoming relationship because while it is more than six months since they were seen getting too close, nothing tangible is materializing in form of marriage.

To which the mother bristled, her tone was on the harsh side too, as she responded that, nobody has given her any dowry for the daughter’s hand in marriage.

“Until then,” she reckons, “My daughter remains single!”

When asked about Diamond, who of late has been seen with Zuchu on regular basis, Khadija Kopa answered with an acid tone.

“Diamond is Zuchu’s boss (in the music label Wasafi) and she has not told me anything about their relationship and she won’t dare, in fact she better not try!”

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