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Yellow Pages? Preacher splashes Dar-es-Salaam City with screaming colors

There is even a joke, that if you are not careful while walking in Dar-es-salaam, don’t be surprised if somebody covers your body with a life-sized, yellow canvass.

Facing the yellow crusade

Yellow banners are the current fad in the city as Daniel Kolenda and Co. make make scene in the city.

When his mission, the Christ for All Nations announced his series of Crusades in the Tanzanian Commercial City, few anticipated that the event will change the city’s colors, attitude and even culture.

Now the entire City is covered by large, yellow banners, posters and what-have-you, that have been converted into source of hilarious memes among many Tanzanians linked on social platforms.

One of the hilarious Memes making rounds on social media platforms

The people that this Reinherd Bonnke’s ministry had hired to paste the posters in Dar streets, seems to be overdoing the task with abandon.

Going beyond ‘overkill,’ the guys mean business; in addition to giant billboards, sign posts and fliers, there is no patch left uncovered, from walls, lamp posts, roadside kerbs, cars, trees and practically anything with a surface which can hold glue.

And as if that is not enough, there follows the generously offering of hand distributed leaflets of the same yellow color.

The posters also cover myriads of Trucks and vans mounted with Public Address systems backed with full disco sound propagating news about the open-air rallies.

There are also radio programs for maximum effects. Push Short-messaging, whether you like it or not, TV slots and what have you. The preacher is in town and you better hear him or hibernate for a couple of days.

He runs at least five gospel crusades in different parts of Dar-es-salaam between the 6th and 10th of October 2021.

Will there be a city poster clean-up afterwards? It may take a bulldozer, 20 of them.

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