Women Premier League Enters Round Five with matches in Iringa


The ongoing Serengeti Light’s Women Premier league enters kicks off its round five fixture with matches commencing in Iringa, on the Southern Highlands, featuring ten squads.

Worth mentioning despite its lucklustre performance is the newest team on the block, the Ceasiaa queens, bracing to combat the Tigers Queens from Arusha in one of the matches.

The game between the two ladies’ soccer teams will be played at the Samora Stadium in the Iringa Municipality on January 12, 2023, with Ceasiaa being hosts.

In their previous game against JKT Queens, the Ceasiaa team was defeated 2-1 despite having the advantage of playing on home grounds.

But still counting on this advantage of facing strangers in their familiar venue, Ceasiaa queens now vow to this time correct their past mistakes and beat the visiting ladies from Arusha.

Jumanne Mwanyiro, is the team executive who reveals here that they will fight to retain their three points in forthcoming matches.

“We have enlisted several new players to reinforce our squad, it is now stronger,” he said.

According to Mwanyiro, they are taking all the necessary preparations, especially for the next match against the team from Arusha.

“We assure our supporters in Iringa that the Ceasiaa queens are still strong, and they should turn up in large numbers with all pandemonium to cheer the players on Thursday,” assures the Executive.

A total of ten teams are participating in the Serengeti Light’s Women League.

Leading the pack are the JKT Queens of Dar-es-salaam that are currently amassing a total of ten points.

Fountain Gates Princesses of Dodoma come second with 9 points.

Yanga Princesses, Simba Queens and Alliance Girls have seven points each with a difference in number of goal scores.

On the sixth position stands Baobab Queens while on the seventh comes Amani Queens each with seven points.

Ceasiaa Queens of Iringa ranks at number eight with three points.

Mkwawa Queens, also based in Iringa has one point at number nine.

The Tigers of Arusha tag last despite their menacing name, the ladies from North at number ten in the Women League with a single point.

So far, the Serengeti Light’s Women soccer League has witnessed four games in its initial fixture since the rounds started.

The fifth round commences on Wednesday January 11, 2023, with Mkwawa Queens facing Simba Queens in Iringa.

On the same date, Amani Queens will face JKT Queens at Ilulu grounds in Lindi Region.

In the third match on January 11, Fountain Gate Princess battled the Alliance Girls of Mwanza.

Now on Thursday, January 12, Ceasiaa faces the Tigers from Arusha with fingers being crossed.

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